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Common specifications of container foil

Common specifications of container foil manufacturer: thickness 0.03-0.2, alloy 3003/8011 mostly
Container foil manufacturer container aluminum foil advantages:
1. The raw materials of container foil manufacturer meet the requirements of national standards and do not contain six harmful metal elements, which are of good quality and safety.
2, high temperature resistant, with a soup or water inside the container, you can have an open flame or directly on the induction cooker.
3. The container foil manufacturer is soft in material and easy to form, ensuring that the food and the lunch box are heated and safe.
4, after the seal to protect the original taste of food to extend the shelf life of food, not easy to leak.
5. Recycling of resources Above, container foil manufacturer are more convenient to protect the environment and save resources.
6. The heat preservation property is very good. The raw materials of the container foil manufacturer have good thermal conductivity and fast heat transfer.(https://www.aluminumsheet-manufacturer.com/news/20190705/container-foil-manufacturer.html