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Double color anti-slip tape Price list

1.Our history
The history of DA WEI started in 1985, Mr Chen and his family started their own business with USD 1200 loan, the fabric quilt cover business has running for 10 years, Chen’s family successfully transformed from farmer to businessmen.
In 1995, Mr Chen stopped his fabric business, however his brother keep running up to now. Mr Chen established Hangzhou Dawei Decorative Material Co,. Ltd was established in 1995. Dawei Decor is a unique decorative paper manufacturer in China that produce raw base paper, finish foil(PU paper,Amino paper, Matt paper, 3D embossed paper), furniture paper, flooring paper, impregnated melamine paper altogether.
In 2010, Dawei Decor became a group company with four subsidiaries, they are XW Reflective for reflective sheeting, HTK Technology for solar panel and solar film, Dawei Recycling for waste gas recycling solution,Yodean Decor for table cloth & chair cover and Pu'nan free market for agriculture. Located in both Linglong Industry Zone, Lin'an City, Hangzhou City, 278 Qiang xian Rd,Lin an City,Hang Zhou City,Zhe Jiang Province,China and Eco development zone, She District, Huangshan City, Dawei Decor has total area of 120,000 square meters.

2.Our factory
Reflective material plant located at No. 5, Jingxing Road, Eco development zone, She District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province with a total area over 36,000 square meters, our factory could finish one stop production from raw material to finished reflective sheeting, sales network has been increased steadily annually, covers both domestic and international market.
Decorative material plant located at No. 1168 Jiu zhou road, Linglong industry zone, Linan, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province with a total area over 120,000 square meters, Dawei Decor is a unique decorative material paper manufacturer in China that produce raw base paper finish foil (PU coated paper, Amino coated paper, Matt paper, 3D embossed paper), furniture paper, flooring paper,
impregnated melamine paper altogether.

3.Our products
The products our company produced includes the following:
1. Decorative furniture paper
2. Reflective sheeting
3. Reflective vest
4. Reflective fabric
5. Carpet Decal
6. Waste gas recovery equipment7. Traffic signs
8. Custom furniture
We supply products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

4.Products application
Decorative furniture paper is widely used in furniture.
Reflective sheeting is widely used in traffic sign, traffic cone and so on.
Reflective vest is widely used in personal safety.
Reflective fabric is widely used in high visibility garment.
Carpet Decal is widely used in road marking and factory safety.
Waste gas recovery equipment for printing industry
Certified by SGS, ASTM D4956, EN12899, GB/T18833, CCC, FSC and ISO 9001
6. Production Equipment
XingWei reflective material factory has 6 reflective sheeting production lines, 1 printing lines, also have vacuum aluminizing coating, adhesive and silicone paper coating machines.
Dawei Decorative factory has 4 raw base paper production lines, 8 finish foil printing line, 4 melamine production line

7.Product market
We have customers and distribution from both domestic market and oversea market. Our main sales market is Asia, South America, Australia and Africa, more than 20 countries.,and are widely recognized by clients
8 Service
Besides our existing molded products, we can also supply customized products . We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing from making parts to assembling the devices .And we have professional sales team to supply you the best service to ensure the customers purchase our products smoothly. We also have after sales service team which consist of experienced engineers will supply the technical support when you have problem after you purchased.
Double color anti-slip tape Price list
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