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Sperm Analyser price

Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer
It is an analytical medical device that performs a complete quantitative evaluation of semen quality and semen parameters in less than 2 minutes. This high-performance analyzer incorporates technology in electrooptic, computer algorithms and video microscopy to provide a quick, precise and accurate automated semen analysis.
Runs fresh, frozen, washed and post-vasectomy samples
Disposable testing capillary
LIS interface option for data transfer
PC compatible with export function
FDA and CE certified
QC: Self-testing, self-calibrating. Runs latex beads or stabilized sperm
Visualization system (x300 & x500)
Automated Test Results:
Sperm Concentration
% Motility expressed as total and a, b, c and d
Rapid Progressive Motility (a)
Slow Progressive Motility (b)
Non-progressive Motility (c)
Immobility (d)
% Normal Morphology
Motile Sperm Concentration
Progressively Motile Sperm Concentration
Functional Sperm Concentration
Average Velocity
Sperm Motility Index
Dynamic Range:
SampleSperm CONCMSCMotility
Fresh2-400 or <2M/ml0.2-400 or <0.2M/ml0-100%
Washed2-200 or <2M/ml0.2-400 or <0.2M/ml0-100%
FrozenNot reported0.2-400 or <0.2M/mlNot reported
Post vasectomyManual Input0-30 Sperm/ScanNot reported
The analytical medical device contains a software package which is greatly enhances the data management, storage and video capabilities of the system.
Import patient and control data
Save patients test results with video clips or still images attached
Save, view and graph patient and control test results
View real time semen samples on a PC screen
Optional language settings
Normal ranges for testing parameters can be set by the user
Set up authorized users and automatically track user updates
System Requirements:
PC: 1 GHz processor, Pentium 3, RAM: 256 MB
Monitor: 15” color
AGP-video display card with at least 16 MB of RAM memory Video color: At least 16-bit (65,535)
CD ROM drive
10 MB free hard disk space for image capturing (approx. 10,000 clips)
Video resolution: Minimum 640 x 480
Operating system compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista Ports: One serial; two USB ports
MS Excel/WordSperm Analyser price