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What are the types of pharma aluminum foil?

Mingtai Aluminum Pharma Aluminum Foil:
PTP pharma aluminum foil: ptp pharma aluminum foil, also known as medicine board aluminum foil, capsule aluminum foil, mostly made of 8011-H18 aluminum foil or 8011-O state aluminum foil, used for tiling, thickness 0.016-0.04mm;
Blister pharma aluminum foil: blister aluminum foil is also called cold forming medicine foil, mostly made of 8021-O state aluminum foil, used for high-end and sealing strong moisture-proof shading pharmaceutical packaging, thickness 0.04-0.065mm;
Tropical pharma aluminum foil: tropical aluminum foil, also known as aluminum plastic aluminum, tropical blister packaging is equivalent to a layer of cold stamped aluminum foil cover on the outside of thermoformed plastic blister and PTP aluminum foil. It adopts 8021-O state aluminum foil and 8079-O state aluminum foil, which is the highest-end packaging pharma aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging;
pharma aluminum foil for pharmaceutical bottle caps: Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical caps is also called aluminum foil for medical caps. It is made of 8011-H14 aluminum foil or 8011-H16 aluminum foil. It is widely used in pharmaceutical oral liquids, antibiotics, infusions and other bottled liquids.