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Wheel Blast Machine Crawler

Wheel Blast Machine PU Crawlers No Delaminating
1 A Company You Can Trust:
Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong province, Guangdong Hongyi Polyurethane Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of wheel blast machine PU crawlers. We have more than 20 years of experience in polyurethane and have a good reputation in this field. Our products have won praise from customers worldwide.
2 Product Specifications of the wheel blast machine PU crawlers
ModelApplicable TypePerimeter (mm)Width
(mm)Thickness (mm)Aperture (mm)RIB
3 Advantages of the wheel blast machine PU crawlers
The most characteristic of polyurethane crawler is its long lifespan. Generally the advantages of using the PU crawler are the cost reduction and the improvement of company benefit, mainly reflected in:
a) The times to change new crawlers and the times to adjust track position in machine are much less, sharply reduced the loss of working hours and production capacity.
b) PU crawler can withstand heavier individual workpiece and total load, increasing work efficiency and productivity.
c) The outstanding polyurethane tear resistance makes the crawler more durable, which is convenient for production management and can avoid a series of losses caused by fractured crawler.
d) The friction coefficient of polyurethane crawler is higher, which can prevent products from skidding. The polishing is more uniform and the processing quality is better.
e) The product has its own oriented-prism and inner position prism to prevent slipping and deflecting while working, which reduce the maintenance cost.
f) The temperature range of polyurethane crawler is wider: The product can be regularly operated at the temperature of -20℃~100℃. There is no need to worry about the aging condition between difference temperature in transit, warehouse and workshop.
g) The polyurethane crawler has no pungent smell both in store or using, which does not affect the environment and healthy of employees.
4 Client situationWheel Blast Machine Crawler